Sunday, 29 November 2015

Days like this

Morning and howdy up good folks out there all enjoying your Sundees.  Now in this house, a Sundee has a special flavour to it.

WHY and WHAT FOR Wonka you all shout up to me..............

Because, dear folks, even Owner who normally rushes round doing jobs, and caring for us, and visiting aged parents, and shopping, OH and maybe a tad of writing and such like EVEN she treats it like a day off.  I AM GOING TO RELAX she announced to me first thing. and this lasted for all of five mins folks, and the next I knew she was telling me to BE GOOD WONKA and she wouldn't be long.  The last time she said that folks, she went off to Europe.  end of.

So, while she is off gallivanting (what a word up!!) and NO it is not far, I am doing a little check on the next 'conversations' story (part six) which Owner says is, and I quote, 'IN THE PIPELINE Wonka'.  I mean I have looked at all the pipes in the house, even the searing hot ones that pop up to the searing hot rads, and I cannot see a story in any of them. X
In other much more exciting news it is only one day away from the launch of our published and illustrated Christmas Story that at least three people have ordered.  I couldn't be more proud and cannot wait to be more famous. X
so folks, on days like this, which are the run up to fantastic, wonderful, exciting and starstruck days, we just tootle along, and prepare ourselves.  Be furry and Be good!  Big Love Wonka X