Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Do I look alright Wonka?

Some days, we all need two thousand tons of reassurance.  Hardly a day goes by folks, when Owner doesn't say to me:

'I feel ugly stroke old stroke daft.'  I always try to tell her at least one of those things isn't true AND rotate it so she doesn't notice. End of.

Now take today for starters.  We didn't leap up to greet the day mainly because it was so dark, we thought it was night time.  THEN, after the alarm had gone onto snoozle function for the nnnnth time, Owner said OH NO I HAD BETTER GET UP. Then, she had an important phone call.

'are you available to go on the local radio?'
and after that folks there is no talking to her about anything. Apart from, whether she looks alright or not.......x
Why, you all shout up to me, is she going to talk on a radio??
Because folks we are nearly up to the release into the wild of our fully illustrated Christmas Story!!
There it is!! to be published by our new best friends Austin Macauley (X).......and yes folks, I am ready for every drop of good fortune that comes falling my way.  And my whiskers tell me that this story is a special one.
When? you all wonder up, is Owner making her grand entrance onto the local scene.  She awaits this knowledge, nerves aquiver (ooh) and has taken to hoovering with the monster to calm her down.  I Know!  I ran upstairs immediately and Bertie has wedged himself between the sideboard and the filing unit.  Owner didn't know he was there until she spied him and went OH BERTIE!
So there will be lots more of YES you look lovely Owner (tea time) and YES you look young stroke slim stroke intelligent in that. (snacks in between meals.x)
All of you out there struggling through your week and battling against dark days and so forth must: smooth your fur down, nibble that annoying spot and STOP it, whisker up and cat up!  See you soon, Big Love Wonka X