Monday, 30 November 2015

Do you feel different??

Guten Morgen, Howdy up and Bonne Chance tous le monde!! (or is the world a LA?? x)

First thing I said to Owner after I had bounced up and down on her dead arm a few times was:
'Do you feel any different Owner?' - after she had fully woken up (more jumping on her feet this time) she goes to me:
I AM VERY EXCITED Wonka, and this is not usual for a Mundee morning when it is also grey and cold out back.  We know it is grey and freezing cold out back because Ruggles checked it out.  AND we could feel the draft from the good back door. x

Today is the day good folks out there all smiling and happy too! and Wonka's Christmas Story is now OUT!!  I mustn't forget, droned Owner to me (I think she said this in her sleep. Yes) to tell ALL, that this story is FULLY ILLUSTRATED. and this is specially important for anyone and this includes children who like to look at pictures.  Personally, I won't even consider looking at a book if it doesn't have a picture in it.  All words and no pictures? NOT IN OUR World.  End of. x (sorry books with no pictures in them.x)
In other news, Owner has a PLAN A and a PLAN B.  And we are on Plan B now.  Can you at least, I says up, give me a five minute warning before the monster is plugged in but she didn't hear me above taking a phone call.  That's the second phone call this morning, she moans to me, from the agencies I am registered with for work. 
DID THEY OFFER YOU ANY WORK Owner, I says up (hopefully as we are saying hallo to starving and poverty stricken.x)
NO she says back.  so it is still Plan B and I am having to hide upstairs out of the way of the noisy smelly monster.  I warned Bertie but he thought I was attacking him and hid in his igloo. I did have a quick peak at Ruggles earlier on before Owner whisked me out........
Due to Owner being on High Excitement setting, I am having to check round more than usual, and you know how tiring this is folks. The second she flings off to the shops I will be zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and I suggest you fit in as many furry naps as you can!  See you soon folks, and bristle those whiskers! Big Love Wonka X