Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Exciting News!!

Guten Tag!!! alo! and (wait for it folks) Zdravstvuyte !!!! to think that a million years ago in the ice age, when Owner was at school, she learnt Russian. 
'Do you recall any of it Owner' I says up.
'Elephant.' she tells me back.  I did look all over the house folks but I could not find it and then I remembered there are two wooden ones on the chest of drawers............
'It's slon.' She says that's what elephant sounds like in Russian, but I went and said it loads of times to the two black ones and nothing happened. They just carried on standing on the chest of drawers by that rather nice plant........... Anyhow, our exciting news!
Wonka's Christmas Story is to be released into the wild on November 30th. OOOOOOHHHHHHH.
Me and Owner are very proud and I have insisted that she take some of the credit (for the illustrations which as you know I gave the once over) - but I really am like the cat who got the cream!!
It will be for sale in all our fave bookshops and even in that bookshop in the sky, the very ones who sent me my box and that is AMAZON although Owner thinks it is AMAZEN.  end of. x
Fame isn't everything Wonka, she droned to me, I just want people to like it. Personally folks and between me and you, a little drop of fame can curl my whiskers any day of the week! Of course everyone will like it, I goes up, it is the kind of story that everyone wants to read at Christmas time; with a touch of spook, a feline storyline to warm you up, and a sprinkle of Christmas magic to grab your heart. No one will come out the other side without feeling better!  You could be right Wonka, she whispers to me......
Back soon! big Love Wonka X