Friday, 13 November 2015

Fridee - a child in need day X

Halloah!! Yes it is that day again although really it is that day every day folks.X  First off, Owner has admitted and owned up to a mistake.   YES!  My dearest Owner has tripped over herself and made the fourth #wonkastory vanish.  Instead she told us that the FIFTH one was the FOURTH.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH!  anyhow, this one folks is the real NO 4 in the #wonka stories:
There we are!!!  Just twizzle them round folks and you will have them in the right order!  PUT IT DOWN TO BEING TIRED she drones to me. Personally, I cannot see how she is tired with working, looking after us, well me, and the aged parent and so on and so forth. OH and keeping the home clear of pesky Vikings.  End of (love you Uhtred! X)
Now due to there being NO SHOUTS for any zero hours today I am to be whiskered off to the vets for the second VERY expensive injection.  NO I am not scared. Not much.  But you know what I always tell Owner.  Bristle Up and Face Up.x
Bertie Bubb is like a little dormouse says Owner, and Ruggles is an angel cat (according to her not Whilst I folks, am a cat to be reckoned with!!  Now do have an enchanting day and eve and maybe watch a little tv to help you along eh.........and I'll be back from the good Vets before you can say Wonka's Christmas Story!! (out Nov 30th!!! XXXX)
Big Love Wonka X