Sunday, 22 November 2015

It Snowed!

First thing we noticed was the sky went that dark full of something way and then....

and blow me to the top of our stairs, it was! This all happened yesterdee folks when no doubt you were all sunning yourselves on a beach or saying OH how lovely and warm it is today - then it stopped then it hailed and so on.  By the time Owner was making her weekly visit to aged parent (is it snowing she says to Owner, YES mother she tells her back) it was proper snowing.

Then what happened Owner? I always try and ask interesting questions to let Owner know I am listening up, specially when I am starving for my tea.  Then Wonka, she tells me, I had to drive back home in it.  It turns out this bit was easy, but the dreaded parking up was not.  No.

I parked up Wonka, she says all excited, and had to PUT MY HAND UP to stop the oncoming car, just so I could get my shopping out and lock the car up! you will recall folks out there, all with perfectly reasonable cars, that Owner's car with no name, is refusing outright to open its boot.  end of.

Then what happened? I am still showing interest in this endless parking up story as food is imminent (blimey!).

I mean anyone that knows Owner would know what a foolish thing to turns out the Driver of said car even wound the window down specially to say thankyou in a sarcastic way that would put Owner's sarcasm straight in the bin!!  I mean!
Beyond this minute and tiny incident, the day was a good one folks and it did continue to snow. YES, Ruggles trotted out to the gate and back again in it, and Bertie knew no different.x

Here we are again at the gates of Sleepy Sundee and I am still in my Zenbox for waking Owner up at the crack of dawn. WHY? she goes up, am I up so early?  And we still don't know folks!!
Have a perfectly purry Sundee folks and I will be back before you can say .....Willie Wonka!  Big Love, Wonka X