Monday, 23 November 2015

It Wasn't Me!

Howdy folks out there all heaving a sigh of relief that you are home after a hard day at it. SIGH.x

Me? thanks for asking, well as per, I've had a few munches on best biscuits (none of that cheap stuff lurking that's for the strays out back.x) I had one or two checks on Bertie and YES he is still in the Narnia Cupboard and YES he is fine and then I spose I may have dropped off a few times.  Yesterdee though which was Sundee in case you have already blanked it out in your mind, I did this:
There we are!  and all it was, is, I had the opportunity of an open door into the kitchen which as you know is Rugglesis en suite, to check him out!  Why then, the excitement?  NO I am not a monster and NO I am not out to get anyone.  As you know I love to play paw under the door with Rug......................anyhow, Owner spied me and shooed me out pronto.  STOP IT Wonka! x
In other more important news, Owner has been contacted by the good publicity dept of said publishers Austin Macauley (x) with a date for her Radio interview. I AM VERY NERVOUS Wonka she tells me up and I said, I don't know why as it's only about our Christmas Story which you know all about!
THAT'S WHY I AM NERVEWRACKED she moans up to me.  What can I say folks without putting my teatime in jeopardy (with a word like that I need my teatime now.x) I have told her to forget all about it until about half an hour beforehand and THEN worry!  More on this tomorrow folks when she remembers the real worry is what she looks like.......and sounds like.................x
Now remember folks out there, whatever you are accused of it wasn't you, even if it is downright fair and square that it is. Bristle up with your whiskers and stand tall!  Big Love Wonka X