Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lest We Forget x

As per, and on our Remembrance Sundee, Owner always like to pop down a few words about her Great Uncles who were both only teenagers, and who both died in the Great War.  They are Percy Perry (x) and George Smith (x) - George was in Bermuda at the time and Percy was from a small village in Suffolk, called Haverhill.

Just think Wonka, she says to me, they were worlds apart but shared so much in common.  Their photos are propped up on the chest of drawers, and they both stand there in their uniforms looking young and proud.  We love you. x (hankies away!)
We all know someone who gave their life in war time, and I am sending even more big love than usual. AND, I noticed, that today when our Queenie lays wreaths at the cenotaph and all the others who are there well there is a special wreath from the RSPCA laid to remember all our beloved pals in the kingdom of all creatures great and small who also played their loyal and brave part in wartime. Now before we all start weeping and cannot stop (especially Owner you know what she is like) I say cheer up as our boys (Percy and George) look full of fun in their photos and would want us to have some too.
I am trying to stay wide awake and alert for the special moment at the cenotaph and not drop off zzzzz OH! only joking!! Me and Owner are right here to share with everyone, so from me a special Big Love and Peace, Wonka X