Monday, 9 November 2015

New Week beckons....

Owner has had an idea. 
'How about Wonka,' she drones to me...... 'We do a run down of all the Wonka Stories so far?'
'Is this in preparation (big word but I made it through) for the BIG RELEASE INTO THE WILD on November 30th?' I chirps up.
'YES!' she goes back to me.
Personally, I could talk about them all night all day andzzzzzzzz OH! dropped off for a minute!  The very first #wonkastory on was this one:
There we are!Back in 2013 that was and I don't look a day older!!
In other exciting news, Owner says she was up against it on Sundee aft. HOWCOMES I says back all interested as it was smack on my breakfast time.  When I got to the swimming baths, she tells me up, there was ONE magpie trotting about near the car Wonka.  We all know folks that to see only ONE Magpie is fate ridden and you must hang about until you see two.  THEN WHAT Owner I goes, encouragingly (is that a word it is now) - then she tells me, aside from the problem with the boot, on the car with no name - it is refusing outright to open.  it has remained locked for three days now. yes.  Apart from this she tells me, a fly appeared on the dashboard. Not a small fly, but a big fat horrid one.  Owner hates flies and so do I.  If, if I had been in the car I would have leapt on it, but I wasn't there.
'How did you cope Owner?' I says.
'I flung the door open but it did not budge.  Then, it flew to the back of the car.  Then Wonka, I tackled it with the sports section of the Observer.  I got it, and threw it all in the bin outside the shop.
all I can say is, thank you Observer!
What you all wonder up is the third harbinger (I have excelled myself!!)
The kitchen tap is refusing to turn off and is dripping. End of.
So today folks out there all at the beginning of the week, it is all to play for! Smooth your fur down and preen up!This could be the week one of your dreams bursts out of its locker and runs off!
Big Love Wonka X