Friday, 20 November 2015

No to cheap biscuits!

Owner has been on a short lived economy drive which I'm pleased to say she has woken up from.
I REALISE NOW, she droned to me this good morning.  That buying cheap biscuits instead of your normal outlandishly expensive ones that cost a heck of a lot more for LESS - is not the way forward.
HOWCOME? I said back full of interest as I will not, WON'T eat those other ones.
NO ONE IS EATING the cheap biscuits, she tells me after closely monitoring it all for an entire day.  I did say well you have nothing else to do Owner, but she didn't hear me above totting up the cost of all those cheap biscuits.
There we are! all shunning (good use of word.x) the cheap ones.
I have advised Owner to rush off to the shops avoiding all the millions of roadworks that have sprung up nearby, and get the proper ones.  It may even mean her going into that giant maze like store which she cannot stand! in which case I will be extra nice when she comes back home.....x
In other more exciting news it is Fridee folks and we have somehow pawed our way through another scratchy old week.  We await news of Owner's pending radio interview which at least two or three folk might listen to (only joking!....x) and this will be to promote our special Christmas Story that again two or three folk might read......(more joking!!X).I do have a small fan base and can cope as I said, with any amount of fame and fortune in fact I am built for it!  Do go on and have a sunny day with NO cheap biscuits to wash it round with and DO try and pack your Owners off out of it if you can.  Bertie Bubb sends felicitations (my word!) from the Narnia Cupboard, and Ruggles sends a weather forecast (snow on the way).  From me?  Big Love, Wonka X