Monday, 16 November 2015

Not again!! Mundee!

How did that happen? moans Owner when she realised it was Mundee all over again.  Personally I love a new week as it is good for us to be on our claws I mean paws I mean pads and toes!X

Owner is off to visit daughter and grandson and did NOT burn the toast this morn.  Why not...I says helpfully, get a toaster Owner??
I MIGHT DO, she says back.  In all her thousands of years in the kitchen she has never thought of investing (good word) in one.
Now I know you are all wondering, did she dream of anything last night? I FORGOT WHERE I HAD PARKED THE CAR WITH NO NAME, she tells me.  is this a portent (OOOH!) I ask up?
Yesterdee, she drove into Kwickly Solve It garage to see if they knew the mystery to the boot which will not open.
NO, says the good mechanic, I CANNOT SOLVE IT and says it may mean a new lock.  This, roughly translated means Owner needs a new car.  End of.X

The next story in the #Wonkastories series is this one folks:

There we are! It is Conversations with Wonka part three I do think. X
Now Owner is ready to dash off and I can relaxevous. I have already checked on Bertie Bubb (hiss hiss squall hiss upset the whole household hiss.x) and think Ruggles heard me and thought there was a full on cat fight even though Owner reassured him.  I know.  Now do have a fab Mundee whatever it is doing with you, and remember to bristle up your whiskers and cat up!
Big Love Wonka X