Saturday, 28 November 2015

Now what?

Morning folks out there all adjusting nicely to the weekend and perhaps thinking like us NOW WHAT?

In our house, and personally speaking I don't have this question to ask as I already know what I want to do: zzzzzzzzzz have a snack, provide guidance to Owner (ongoing) provide more guidance to Owner, check on Bertie (not set times) check on Ruggles, open door to the kitchen permitting, eat because I am always a bit starving and back to the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. x

In other refreshing news, we are still glued to the Last Kingdom and more specifically (OH I say!) to Uhtred.  He by the way, has just met his match in Iseult. Who is that? you all shout up to me. She, good folks out there is no less than The Shadow Queen:
There they are! Our hero Uhtred has met his match.......x BUT he is in a fight to the death next week blow me down, with someone he likes!  a spell or two is needed and Iseult is just the one.End of.
In further news and if Owner had her way this entire report up from me would be Dominated (ooer) by news of our published story, which is flying out to the bookshop in the sky (amazen)(we hope) for Mundee 30th, she says she knows of at least 3 people who have ordered it.  OH I goes, well that should save our sorry lives then Owner but she didn't hear me above putting the rocket I mean kettle on.  My mother, she droned to me, is well impressed Wonka.  And that folks is amazing all by itself!!
Now do all go on to have a champion Satdee, with a strong dose of doing what you like in it - take a bit of furry advice from me and spoil yourselves!  Big Love Wonka X