Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Radio we love you....

I might forget what to say, she tells me first thing EVEN before I've had chance to make Bertie hiss at me....................

Owner! I says reassuringly (for me) remember how good you were on beloved BBC Radio 2...................

But that was different Wonka!  I WAS COMPLAINING!
I rest my paws and everything folks out there. x

There we were!  me and Bertie Bubb all nicely when suddenly! THAT'S OWNER on the radio I shouts up.  And it was too. And yes, she had rung in to complain, to do with aged parent and her care package and blow me down to the luxury shed out back, if they didn't let her talk.  I did shout to her, to tell her to water it down a bit in case we weren't the only cats in town listening but she couldn't hear me for moaning and complaining!  I love you Owner! X (and I might listen again, at 12 noon on Thursdee, to our local radio.x)
In other more exciting news, Owner has bitten the bullet and renewed the car insurance EVEN though we are poverty stricken and the car with no name is STILL refusing to open its boot up.  End of.
At least, goes Owner to me counting her blessings (now me, I just count my biscuits.) I had some work yesterdee and can use today as if it were yesterdee...... YES, I am still working that out too folks!
Now do go steady out there as we are only 2 inches away from December and trees and advents and cards and gifts and OUR CHRISTMAS STORY!!! and I can promise you a full on Christmas time from us.  Claws in please, fur smoothed down and enjoy your Tuesdee folks.  til later, Big Love Wonka X