Friday, 6 November 2015

Survivors All!!

Happi Fridee all you good folks out there, juddering to the end of maybe an annoying, irritating, rewarding or downright cold-ridden week! And that's just Owner for you! Only joking........
Now here follows a little cartoon to celebrate getting through, for me, quite a cosy little week, even though there was less food in it!  the good news was Owner did not disappear off to Europe, only to the shops.  Thanks Owner! X
There we are!  Rug cuddled up to Radio 2 on our goodly BBC, and seemed to cope with all those nasty BANGS and horrid whistling noises, Bertie may or may not have noticed anything different and me? thanks for asking, I maintained (good use of word) a calm disposition (outdone myself there.TICK) and generally was a soothing presence to Owner.  Except when I wasn't. End of. x
Now Owner, who says she has had an up and down week of it, with several phone calls to set her nerves on edge never mind the fireworks, is looking forward to a quiet day really.  THEN why? I asks up, are you thinking of whipping into town (not Europe.) and visiting Aged parent??  I KNOW. she says back.
Soon though folks, we can talk about the biggest celebration for some of us folks that is, of the year. NOT Owner's next hair appt, NOT grandson's pending birfdee BUT Christmas!!! And there are lots of treats in my very own special advent!  Wonka's Advent will take you all the way up to the day itself and you will love it.  it is MY gift to you folks out there all minding your own business and such like.  And with that cuddly, furry, whisker quivering thought!  See you soon, Big Love Wonka X