Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Voice

Thank goodness folks out there all blessed with relaxed and happy lifestyles, we are inching towards one ourselves.............

Is she calm and prepared for her radio interview yet? short answer folks is NOT A BIT OF IT.  I did say it would be a good idea to write your name down Owner in case you forget it, but she was too busy rifling through (good use of word for this early hour in the morn) bits of paper to hear me.

There it is!! and if I say it myself, I look the adorable and loveable cat that I am!  AND, I do tell a good story..............X
In other and more exciting news, I have been in the kitchen now numerous (OOH) times to check on Ruggles.  NO, he still thinks I am a monster from outer does Bertie come to that.  Just when Owner is settled nicely and has FORGOTTEN her pending interview do I creep in and start things up!  HSSSSSSSSS!  GGRRRRRRRRR! followed by WONKA!  I love it. x
Yesterday, Owner tells me she went to a shopping centre in York, with the Mencap folks.  On the face of it, I says up, this had the makings of a good day out.
NOT WONKA, she moans up to me, when the entire mini bus is singing along LOUDLY to well here it is Merry Xmas by Slade.  End of.  Not completely end of though, as one of the group bought a CD at said Shopping Centre which they had to listen to all the way home................. anyone you liked on it Owner I whispered up?
Only if you like Adele, Sam Smith, ID, Paloma thingy.......
that's a NO then I was very slightly redeemed with Bruno Mars.(x) (sorry everyone else.x)
I cannot wait folks for Owner to fling off out and take all her nerves with her!!! I have told her she looks a dream (I know) and the minute she goes out I will be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Have the day of your lives folks, and celebrate whatever there is to celebrate with your best fur and whiskers!  Big Love Wonka X