Saturday, 14 November 2015

To Paris With Love x

Owner says we must drop everything (?) and devote out miniscule blog (?) to Paris.
'It has suffered a terrible attack on it' she tells me up whilst listening to good Radio 2 this morn.
'OH NO' I goes back.
'it has made me feel awful and shocked' she carried on.
'WHAT CAN WE DO?' I whispers back, (near on starving for my breakfast BUT it could wait.x)
'We must show our solidarity Wonka................'

When Owner went to Paris with the Fab Four in 2014 I thought she would never stop going on about it, she loved it that much SHE EVEN said she could live there. (what about me then eh? EH?) and here are some of those happy memories.  And yes, she would go back too.x
This is called FANTASTIC DAY because, and I quote! it's the trip I dreamed of for so long and now I am on it!! said Owner when she set off - she saw the Eiffel Tower at night all lit up and went up it!!  she saw the Notre Dame and went in it!!  She saw the Louvre and went in it and saw the Mona Lisa!!! Truly truly fantastic.
What a sight!! Owner says it was stunning! we turned the corner Wonka and it was there, a shimmering golden spectacle......OOOHHH!

The Notre Dame folks and a place of worship visited by Kings and peasants alike......and finally this............
The unforgettable experience (droned Owner to me - but it was smack on breakfast time so I did listen up.x) of seeing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre (what was a palace, yes).
So you see folks, why Owner has wanted to devote MY entire and smallish but loveable blog to Paris.  I left a bit of my heart there Wonka. Paris, nous adore!!! X
Until tomorrow folks out there on this Satdee, big Love Wonka X