Sunday, 1 November 2015

We are up in arms!

Last night folks, yes that Halloween thingy night, Owner was glued to the Strictly dancing and ON THE EDGE waiting for our fave and beloved Gleb Savchenko (he is from Russian Russia and we love him x) and Anita Rani his gorgeous and beauty partner to swirl on.

Did they disappoint?  NO THEY didn't everyone out there thinking what is Wonka going on about on this sunny and calm Sunday the 1st of November (All saints day says Owner to me first thing.  And I do love a saint.  Saint Francis is our bestest.x)

Anita pops out dressed as Maleficent who as all know was the bad fairy in Sleeping Beauty - everyone except Uncle Len on the Judges panel that is,  and as for Silly billy Bruno and even Craig who looked like an over ripe pumpkin he was no better - it was left to Darcy to say HOW FAB IT WAS! Gleb was a Prince to swoon for and Anita span around the floor casting her witchery!  Well we loved it Len so shut up!!
They folks are the winners for us, of our hearts and our minds and our whiskers.  X
Now Owner, despite wolfing down lots of food and drink, taking lots of tablets and laying around, STILL FEELS ILL. What, I says up, shall you do today?  AS LITTLE AS POSS...she moans back to me.  Well I am more than happi to set the gold standard there zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! So from me in this sleepy Sundee hollow, settle your fur down and saints be.  big Love Wonka X