Saturday, 21 November 2015

What's in a Name?

Suddenly the mists clear and Owner suffers a moment of clarity. (I have outdone myself there, I know it.x)
'I'VE MADE A MISTAKE WONKA! she reveals to me practically the second we get up. Late.
'OH YES?' I goes with full on one hundred per cent interest as I am starving for my breakfast AND the superior very expensive biscuits.

There he is! King Alfred, who Owner has insisted on calling Arthur for the entire series of #thelastkingdom so far. I know.

Personally, I don't think it matters as HE knows what his name is, and of course so did I...Owner calls me a string of names and there's only a couple in there that really are nothing to do with me.  But all the rest I respond to.  Bertie is:  The Bubster, Little Ted, Dumbledore (?) Sleepy Hollow etc and so forth.  Ruggles is: Rug, Tug.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzOH! must have dropped off! 
No, the important thing to note here folks, is that Owner who is never wrong has admitted to a mistake.  BUT we mustn't dwell on that especially when we are nearing another snackerooni time. x

In other more exciting news it has gone freezing just like Ruggles and that Road Sweeper predicted.  Owner spent time, the other day chatting to him EVEN THOUGH it was obvious to me, from my prime position at the bay window he JUST wanted to crack on with his worthwhile tremendously important job to the community.
'SNOW IS ON THE WAY' he offered up, and blow me down to the bottom of our stairs if he wasn't right on the money.
THANK YOU goes Owner back to him. Don't overdo it Owner I mouthed to her through the poor double glazing, but she didn't notice through lugging all the shopping in. x
Now here we are again crashing up against a good weekend, and all we can do is enjoy it to the hilt!! so cuddle on down in your best snuggle spot and go square eyed like us!  Big Love Wonka X