Friday, 25 December 2015

Boxing Day!

Have you all come out the other side folks? and the burning question is: did Owner's Christmas Lunch avec aged parent and sibling, go as planned....................

HALLO! I shouted up from the luxury carpet as she fell back in fairly well drenched (another downpour folks) and looking a tad sober for my liking.  Yes she must hold back as she is driving BUT there is nothing like a good old family meet up to encourage A LARGE SHERRY or that is there? eh? EH??

Thank goodness to be home Wonka! she tells me up, and even said it was alright if I had totally ignored the cat tunnel play tunnel thingy wotsit that cost a fortune and I am not grateful etc... this can only mean one thing folks out there all clinging to the edge of your new or fairly new or downright old settees. it was a disastrous lunch. x


HERE we are!! This is just one set of our lights folks, and it is Santa because when the going gets tough we need Santa. Fact. (and sorry everyone else who thought they were needed. X)

Now today is a new day and we are hopeful of it going right.  YES it is more family meetings BUT I am of the opinion (get me) that the problem lunch has been done with, and only good lunches stretch before us.  That, and a load of presents and stockings. and for ME, more real chick. (thank you chick!X)

We have watched so much on the tv it is hard to pick the best but I am going to: we were glued to Christmas Day Corrie and Beloved Downton. Owner has fallen out with Strictly and will watch call the midwife special at another, more convenient time. WHEN IT IS NOT CLASHING. she droned to me.  I cannot say anything as her mood over the holiday season is paramount (I have outdone myself and I know it.x).

Now to all you boxing day folks out there OR non boxing day folks I send you dollops of peaceful rays and calm.  Bubb is calm, although still coughing (I cannot worry over that now says Owner.x) and Rug is calm and covered in clumps of fur and strange skin things (I cannot worry over that now says Owner,x) Needless to say, I am to be worried over and I love it.
Be good you folks and Big Love Wonka X