Monday, 21 December 2015

Day 21 of Wonka's Advent!

Here we are! only a few more days and Owner will be going hither and thither (blimey) and it all starts today with a trip out to daughter. Are you sure Owner, I questioned up, you are not off to Europe? 
'NO' she tells me, stumbling out with enough bags to go round the world with.  and this folks, is not even the xmas bags!!!

I'll go to the bottom of our stairs if it isn't Bertie!! to wish us a happy Day 21! and he's even got his own stocking......x
Now yesterdee went well thanks for asking, Owner tripp trapped into town and purchased the FINAL Christmas gift.  end of.
Did you park up alright Owner? I asked, thoughtfully, it being smack on tea time.
A SILLY GIRL HONKED HER HORN at me, she droned back.  it turns out, because Owner was content to sit nicely in the car with no name, instead of trying to squash round another car, the girl or child driving the mini behind got annoyed.
SHE THOUGHT I SHOULD HAVE SQUASHED round it instead of waiting for the car to move, continued Owner...zzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!  Now as far as I know folks, Owner does not like aggressive drivers, OR being told what to do.  This is despite being a bit bossy herself (fact.x)
Did you move Owner?
As I say, apart from this miniscule incident Owners day was a success. Even watching the film about a loyal and faithful dog which made her cry buckets, was ok followed up by Toy Story 3, also a weeping film. x 
It was rounded off by The Apprentice and Lord Sugah. Owner was very surprised when Joseph and his plumbing works was chosen.(she is still recovering from the judging on strictly.end of.x)
You're hired goes Lord sugah! Poor Vana and her dating thingy came second which as we all know is useless. x
It is Mondee we all know that BUT it can still be a day and a half. Give it your best chance like I am doing!  big Love Wonka X