Saturday, 5 December 2015

Day Five is here!!

Howdy folks out there on this very very very very BLUSTERY day.  In other more exciting news, Owner has at last stood on a rickety chair and reached up to a high up shelf to lift down the decorations box!!!  THIS MEANS IT IS CHRISTMAS in our little home, and everywhere you look there is a Santa. OR an angel OR a reindeer. End of.

Herewith is our DAY 5!
There we are! it is little Joe on Neddy's back riding through the night to get to the Returns dept, where the Old Administrator is busy processing all those returns and wishes - and not always on top of it either......x (Joe's Christmas is free to read folks! on
Yesterdee was a family reunion in an old fashioned fish and chip shop where.....wait for it, roll on those drums YOU GET SERVED.  This is almost unheard of unless you spend cartloads of money in a fancy restaurant run by a scarey chef. end of.x
Owner reports a successful outing PLUS Wonka, she tells me proudly, (and I quote!) I PARKED UP IN A MULTI STOREY!!!
And the proof of this was, learning how to find the car again once she had found the machine to get the disc to put in the machine to open the ..........................X
Once more good folks, we are slap bang up to a Christmassy weekend with everyone hard at it spending lots of minus zero money and I proud to report Owner will be one of them! Ruggles has surprised us all by rushing off out in a howling wind and not coming back as yet.  There is small alert out for him. (by Owner.  I am unconcerned as he has been rushing round these parts for many a long year. X)  Bertie is as per, cuddled up on his pilly.
Now do go on folks to have a marvellous (OOH!) Satdee and fur flying perhaps if it is windy where you are too, so stand your ground!  See you soon Big Love Wonka X