Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day Ten Advent alert!!

Howdy up folks, bonjour, happi days and a special spasibo (GULP!) to all our new visitors all the way from Rusky Russia!!! so far, Owner only knows Gleb Savchenko who is perfect and wonderful and used to live there but luckily now he is here and dancing the light fantastic for us on Strictly! We love him lots and tell Craig off all the time (Strictly judge) who doesn't like him! (darling)(end of.X)
The other thing we mentioned a while back is the one word Owner recalls from when she learnt (I don't think so.  not much Owner.) Russian at school and it is Slon or something very like that.  It means elephant and we are very sorry if it doesn't.X

Back to the very important Advent and herewith for today:
It's me!!! and there is our published story yipeeeeeeeeee     X
and in case you have been in jail, or asleep, or just not looking, it is Wonka's Christmas Story, and can be purchased (I did want to say purr-chased but Owner said not to.x) from the bookshop in the sky, good amazen or zon, OR you could pester them in an earthbound bookshop. End of.
In other more important news, Owner is gearing up to self publishing (like we always used to...) the next story and the minute she does folks I WILL GIVE YOU THE PAWS UP. x
Why? I says up this morning, after I made Owner realise it was time to get up (tiny dab with a claw, works every time and is more reliable that the alarm on her mobile.  it is so old folks it goes to sleep and needs an alarm itself.x) Why, I says up, is Ruggles set on going for a lie down in the lowly shed. I miss him.
GOODNESS KNOWS says Owner, who looks in on him in his box on the shelf and says IT IS TIME FOR TEA.....but while he is in there Wonka, I am washing and drying his pillycase and blanket.
It is non-stop washing in here folks, and all I can do is rest up while it is happening.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!!
Now there is no zero hours for Owner today and not quite on the scrap heap BUT she has started a worrywart about our poverty stricken future. I have as per, been firm on this.
YOU CANNOT KNOW, I said reassuringly (Blimey!!) WHAT IS ROUND THE CORNER (I did say how lucky is that! but she didn't hear me above the washer on final blasting into space spin!)
Now do take it steady out there folks, with your Christmas hats on or off, and be sure to wrap up warm if you are going out - at least I tell Owner that when I say we are low on biscuits you must GO OUTside and buy more.......... Have fun whatever you are doing today and keep those claws tiny...Big Love Wonka X