Sunday, 20 December 2015

Early Doors Sundee

Now what says you, what is all this early doors business?
I MIGHT AS WELL GET UP says Owner on the day when she could sleep in........................personally I am not against early mornings as it means I am not starving and have to do the dab with the claw.  I reserve this trick AND only bring it out on special occasions. (alright once a week or so when Owner simply will not stir.x)

This morning is Day 20 for goodness sake so let us see.......
Blow me down it is the star from #joeschristmas ! and did you know folks out there all half asleep, you can make a wish on this star?  Close your eyes, and make that wish and remember to send it to the star.....then just you sit back and wait.x
Due to it being Sundee you'd think Owner would stop for a minute.  She did stop for a minute upstairs whilst I was helping her make the bed (I lay on the fresh bedding to make sure it is aired.Fact.x) yes she did stop to listen to the gulls all swooping round the early morning sky. I LOVE TO HEAR the gulls she says to me (so do I.x) but Wonka, I also like to hear blackbirds first thing greeting the new day,  And guess what folks.  YES! did two blackbirds start up.
Maybe, just maybe it is a day for wishes to come true.x
Now yesterdee, Owner just about survived the yearly outing with aged sibling for Christmas festivities. Only one row according to her when she fell in through the good front door later on. At least I says, there is the Strictly Final...... OF COURSE we watched it! Owner can only sulk for so long and I said a week is long enough. We cast our spells for kellie and kev but the good public thought different. Personally I think we are danced out and need the Apprentice final to sort us out..... Lord Sugah will hire one (let it be Joe we love him) and fire the other one...thingy.
Now I want all of you to have a hopeful and wish fulfilled day and I PROMISE to not go up to Bertie in his comfy little nest and look at him anymore today!! OR annoy Rugglestop! and you must be nice to everyone too, so best paws forward and whiskers a quivering! Big Love Wonka X