Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Faithful Tuesdee!

I tell you what folks out there already wondering is it really tuesdee (and it is.  fact.x) - my Owner has enough faith for the whole of our street.  WHY IS THAT you all shout up, now wide awake and concentrating...............
'Can you go to '95746o603yjey46 school?' says Kevin from Owner's bestest agency (the only agency. Fact.x)
'NO.' says Owner with a long explanation zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH, of why not.  it involved horrid nasty teachers who didn't help and horrid nasty students who were all rude.  End of.
We all fell back into a daze and then.........
'Can you please go to 'g90t605y- school' he tries again to convince Owner that she is the only person in the known area, who can go there for the day.
did she stick to her guns you all want to know hanging on the edge of your settees................
YES SHE DID and now we are surely facing a starvedom festive season.  and that folks, is why I say she has got the faith thing sewn up. End of and Fact up. X

To calm myself down here is.....................
There we are and it is Duffel Again!! Here he is meeting up with Madame Fortuna! Oh that crystal ball............x
In other more exciting news, now that Owner is |NOT rushing off to have an awful day with a bunch of childer ALL within scrambling distance of the xmas school hols - what is she doing?? First up (she tells me full of faith) she is trying for a job. (I did say, yes Owner, you are very very very very very trying, but she didn't hear me above turning the radio dial from good radio 2 to 4.  All because silly chris Evans was being nice to Anton who stole the dance off - from beloved Gleb and Anita. I mean.fact X) and 2.  rushing off to Radio Scarborough again, for a coffee this time and not to talk to a listener. OH, I says up.x
I have checked our biscuit supplies and we can keep going a day or two longer but after that I may have to say a few prayers AND pop a coin in the wishing well. YES it does work.  Fact. x
To all of you out there working hard and seeing little for it I am sending you a massive FAITH boost. I'm sure Owner can spare some.  so shake that fur and tail up!! big Love Wonka X