Friday, 4 December 2015

Friday folks!

Only a couple of disasters to tell you good folks about, and DE RIEN to write home about EXCEPT it had Owner on the run....
I had to put up with being shoved into a room and told to stay in it Wonka! and Owner bit the bullet and did the same with Ruggles.  I think he was too surprised to protest. x

WHY did this happen? you all shout up to me.  Yesterdee when Owner fell back in after a hard day's slog invigilating and such like, she turned the tap on which is all very normal EXCEPT when it snaps in two. yes. OH NO! she goes when this torrent of piping hot water cannot be turned off!! This is where the good landlady came to the rescue and whatever we have droned before WE TAKE every inch of it back because (music builds to a crescendo! oooh!) she arrived with THE TAP MAN.  And that is why good folks out there, me and Rug had to be incarcerated (outdone myself there.x) for the duration. NO it is not over but it soon will be and we can worship the new tap.x

There we are! Day 4 of our advent because whatever happens, we are on a countdown to Christmas Day, poor taps or good taps!! x
In other more exciting news, Owner's cold has stepped up a notch to being a BAD cold.  Despite this she is doing a million and one jobs and she loves it. End of.
Do enjoy your Fridees folks out there, and relax those whiskers just for today!  See you soon, big Love Wonka X