Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye to 2015!

HALLOA UP folks out there all wondering what the fuss is about especially if you live somewhere and it is already 2016!!!

Here on our tiny rain soaked and in many places flooded isle (sorry if you are water-logged.x) it is still the last day of the year. 

HAS IT BEEN a good year Owner? I said full of interest it being nigh on my mid morning snack time.

She didn't hear me at first as she is glued to Swiss Family Robinson and dolly or molly or is it Dorothy McGuire and sorry if it isn't. she is wearing a fetching pink blouse that Owner says you couldn't find in the shops never mind on an island. End of. x

Well has it Owner? I repeated.................
Mostly Wonka, it has been a year to see my childhood dreams come true. (our story published she does mean.x) and a journey to Europe that showed me just what those pesky Europeans are all about.  YES? I prompted in that new and endlessly annoying way.
They are all about living together and getting on with it and sharing cultures and being proud of their own, she tells me up.  NOT A BIT LIKE US then I says helpfully.  It rather showed us up Wonka, she droned.  of course our tiny isle is good at some things, tv drama for a start off, and as for our talent shows............X

There we are!!! Me and Mousey, Owner and Bertie and Ruggles all wishing you good folks out there a scrap free big loving and trough full of biscuits New Year 2016.X
Has she made a resolution? you all shout up.
I did spy a list of things on the table, which I jumped onto from my sideboard lift off pad, to inspect the plant pot in the centre. GET OFF Wonka! Owner shouts at me.  It turns out they are daffodils and coming out early.  I did say so what if they are Owner, but she wasn't listening above checking in the Radio Times for today's wall to wall entertainment.  unlike yesterdee, there is plenty to see us through til midnight.x
There are two things that clash and Owner must decide which to watch.  This will take all day like the other decision.
Which is? you all now shout up being on the edge of your nests.
Whether to make shepherds pie or just continue eating rubbish.
The answer is not far away. 
Now in case any of you are thinking of making your own lists for 2016 here is my handy tip.  First hypnotise yourself by watching the drum go round on the washer then conjure up your old dreams out of storage or wherever you put them, and write them down OR like Owner, draw them.  One of them will be the real impossible dream and this one, is the very one to pounce on folks.
Give it a good wash round, and plot out how you are going to make it real.  simple!!! Have a wonderful day with plenty of zzzzzzzz and expensive biscuits and I will see you next year!!!
Big Love Wonka X and PS for our resolutions you must wait until next year too!!!! x