Monday, 14 December 2015

Merry Mundee!

AND then it happened good folks out there all enjoying a nice start to your day.
WHAT HAPPENED UP? you all shout up and ask me............

Beloved Anita and darling Gleb (who is perfect, from Russia x) were voted OFF.  I said Owner would go into a giant sulk and she did too. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS she shouts at the telly after all the judges EXCEPT (very mysteriously, Craig) praised up the other dancer in the bad dance off. Uncle Len, who is the MASTER Judge of the dance universe and is always saying he will pickle his walnuts well Owner said GO ON THEN!  I cannot repeat most of it folks, and Owner has denounced it all in her best cartoon.  Even mousey was furious and that takes some doing.  End of. X

Here to calm us all down............
Well now, if it isn't that Bad fairy from our #Diva stories!! Owner thinks she must have been sitting on those judges shoulders and making them vote the wrong way!! it is Good Day 14 of our advent already!! X
In other more exciting news, over on the Hex Factor, the right one WON!! little Louisa Johnson who sang her little heart out, is the new bestest winner.  We had to listen to Coldplay, One D (twice) and Adele before we got there. Owner did go in the kitchen for Adele, but apart from that and a million moans and drones on the subject (get me) of Anita and Gleb we got through the night.(I did say to Owner I could have danced all night but she didn't hear me above the noise from those other two whirly and burly on the hex factor.x)
Now it IS Mundee, and a new week ahead, but I have a feeling in my best whiskers that this week is going to turn out alright. Best paw forward!! Big Love Wonka X