Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mid Week special!

Good morn, howdy and DOBRIY DEN' (Owner says this is good morn in best Russian and I am full of sorriness if it isn't. X)

What, you all wonder up, is so special about mid week then, eh? EH?  List: 1.  Owner has found the cats protection league advent calendar we get every year under a stack of paper, and opened all nine doors at once (special alert!!!!) it is a beauty picture of a cat in each one, and today is Salt and Pepper - two kitwits! 2.  Owner has two plans, A and B in case she had a shout for work and is on Plan B - full of nice things and shopping and such like. 3. Owner is in a good mood. End of reasons and list! X

There we are!! It's me and mousey for Day 9.X
In other more or less equally exciting news, there was a beauty night sky with dazzling stars (Owner spotted on a nightly excursion) and a beauty sunrise too.  This all has the makings of a special midweek day folks out there all muddling through. YES, Ruggles is still on the cusp of trotting up the yard to the lowly shed and Owner thinks he may be on with the nativity story.  Good Chris Evans on Radio 2 goes on about it with the children every morn, and Ruggles may have cottoned on.
IF I GO IN THERE, (droned Owner to him) AND find a parcel of kitwits, I won't be best pleased Ruggles!  We all know folks that if that happened, Owner would fall in love within minus one second, and my life would be confined rather.....which reminds me of 'Conversations with Wonka - part six' - telling the story of Tinkers and the Boolleys - coming to in time for Christmas. X
Now do go on good folks out there all in your own lands and homes, to have a special furry day, and remember to keep those whiskers bristling!! Big Love Wonka X