Monday, 7 December 2015

Monday is Advent Day Seven!

Howdy folks, and WHY, is the big question in this house, has Ruggles decided to nest in the shed?  The lowly, luxury shed?
NO! he is not preparing for fatherhood and NO he does not have a friend out there.  We think......but I am keeping a keen eye on the situation folks and will report up.  I do have my paws full with Bertie Bubb, in the Narnia cupboard, but I can spare the time.  in my busy schedule.  End of. x

There we are!! and it's the little glass paperweight with the tree inside from 'Joe's Christmas' - and Owner says, you can make a wish if you like! x and if you want to read this story from last Christmas, go to  - little Joe is the star of another Christmas Story - our published one, 'Wonka's Christmas Story', where once again it is Christmas Eve and......................x
In other exciting news, Owner has announced the end of the cold!  Blimey I said back, it must be all that sleep and rest you had yesterdee!  She even did a tiny bit of writing to our new story - it will be published in the new year folks and is an Egyptian Tale! Which reminds me - Owner has promised to upload a story to smashwords, which is for Christmas and is our gift to you - I will let you know the minute she stops lazing around and resting up (only joking Owner!) and does it!!!!
Now it is more than a little soggy on our miniscule isle and some poor folks have been flooded out....(is this why Ruggles is sleeping high up I did say to Owner in a lightbulb a wooden building.......)BUT some wonderful news to make it all alright is...roll on the drums building to a crashing drum solo:
beloved Gleb Savchenko from Russia with perfect, and his partner Anita Rani from beloved here, ARE THROUGH to next week's strictly semi final folks!!!!  Despite carpy old Craig!!! (judge,x) so Owner is very happy despite us being starving and no work in sight.x
Dust off your best fur folks, and smooth down your whiskers and ready up for a fantastic week!! Big Love Wonka X