Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Ohohoho! Tuesdee!

Owner is in possession of a good mood.
'I'VE WOKEN UP FEELING OK' she told me first thing as I lightly dabbed her lip with my claw.  it was nigh on breakfast time and I did feel OK and Peckish.  thankyou. x

The other good thing is this: Owner thought she had Mr Dickens, our hero's bestest Christmas Story ever. WHERE IS IT? she wonders after a good 2 minute search.  I did suggest she do a more thorough search folks - of at least ten mins.  This, produced a result.
We have a best copy which used to be aged parent's and we love it.
It's beloved Ruggles!! For Day 22 of Wonka's advent.... and not just him but Gingertop in the background.  Outside looking in.  Gingertop will star in our new story for 2016 folks, 'Wonka's Egyptian Tale'!! X
Did Owner's visiting go down you all wonder up?  A TREAT!  She fell back in going on about being exhausted and pouring with rain and what the shops were like - all I wanted to know was, have you got me a Christmas present yet Owner?? she reported up looking at lots of tinkly balls (got them.x) millions of mice (got them.X) and dangly toys (got them too.XX) and is having a rethink.
I HAVE GOT YOU REAL CHICK FOR your dinner she says.  This means a prayer must go up to the chicken that is now in a packet.  We love you and give thanks Chick. X
Today must be more relaxed continued Owner in her (spelling) new and benevolent (need a nap now,x) mood.  I was fairly relaxed until an invader appeared at every known window CLEANING them so he could look in and see me better! I thought it was a Viking, but now I have read up on it, it could have been a Saxon, or a Gaul. yes.X (Owner says more likely to be a Roman as they were keen on baths and water and plumbing.  End of.x)
Now like us, I beg you to have a relaxing and calm day.  Ruggles is even now demonstrating this on top of his linen basket on his heated pad nest.  Bertie has had his daily coughing fit (Owner says it is kennel cough) and nicely on his pilly case in the Narnia.  Me? zzzzzzzzzzzzzOH! x  and remember to fluff your fur up!
Big Love Wonka X