Wednesday, 2 December 2015

On the second day....

Halloah folks!! and the big question in this house is:

WHEN shall we put the decorations up Wonka?
and I said, as soon as you stand on the chair and bang your head on the shelf reaching up to get the Christmas decoration box down Owner! x

Across the motorway I mean street, lots of our good neighbours are already lighting up the sky with ENORMOUS stars and TREES and such like. Personally, I think we are lagging behind and need to catch up pronto OR toute suite. x


 There we are!! DAY 2 of my special advent and it is Kimmydog from the #Diva story........X

As Owner predicted (word up folks)yesterdee, the delivery man with the copies of our Christmas Story, waited round the corner until Owner flung off to the shops AND THEN tried to deliver the box.  I saw all this from the bay window and shouted through the glass I said, TRY ONE OF THE NEIGHBOURS and blow me right to the top of the stairs that's what he did. YES, it did interrupt my zzzzzzz but I'm not complaining.  not much.x

Owner collected the box from the nice wonderful we love you lots neighbour and trots back in with it.  We cannot believe the book is in our own home and that it is our story in it plus pictures.
I AM SO HAPPY she drones to me and I tell you what folks, I have my eye on the box!! even though it isn't an AMAZEN one!!

We are having a photoshoot today, and will pop it on later of me and my story - so until then, keep those claws a dabbing and those whiskers a quivering! Big Love Wonka X