Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Our Toy Story!

Owner says I must have an ant in my pant this morning.

HOW SO? you all question up, wide awake and back to work and all sorts of horrid things that have to happen between Christmas and the New year (there I have mentioned it.  2016.x)

Owner had set the alarm ready to sleep through it UNTIL, I patrolled the bedroom the bed the stairs back on the bed round the pillows WITH the occasional drawn claw.

I MAY AS WELL GET UP says Owner.........................

And really I have continued being what Owner describes as a (quote) downright nuisance Wonka!!!

But wait..................
What is that! you all shout at me together and as one. that folks, is my new wind tunnel I mean play tunnel.  Would you want to rush through it for enjoyment??? OF COURSE NOT.  but, to please Owner late last night, I crouched at the end you can see through the gloom, near to that silly dangly wotsit, and rushed through it!!!!!
NO I haven't been back again. It makes a frightening crinkly noise when you go inside it that, says Owner, is supposed to be enjoyable.  I beg to differ Owner. End of.X
Tomorrow, if you are as good as I intend to be..........there will be an update on Bertie's new mouse toy and Rugglesis tinkly ball. X
Now unless you live in a cave like Bertie you did not miss good Aidan Turner who was Mr P Lombard in then there were none.  Unfortunately, Vera who as it turns out was (quoting Owner again) 'off her head', suddenly takes it upon herself to shoot him dead on the beach.  It was still glamorous. Before that we watched more wall to wall telly with catch ups and repeats and everything. BUT it didn't stop Owner from having a worrywart night, toss turn toss turn turn toss. if only she would take my advice and save money on all else (non essentials) EXCEPT for my food, alright and berts and rugs PLUS decent biscuits etc (essentials) and we will survive. just.x
We all get the New Year jitters it is in keeping with the dregs of December which you can hear gargling down the drain and the new cold rush of January!! poetic or wot!!! now do keep warm and dry, and try not to annoy your Owners......do not nibble or claw at the hand that feeds you!!! Big Love Wonka X