Saturday, 12 December 2015

Semi Final Satdee!

Folks it is all about Strictly on this grey mouldy drizzle mizzle Satdee.  You need to burrow down in your boxes, heated woolley pads and pillys and CONCENTRATE!!!! x

It is all about GLEB from deepest Rusky Russia and Anita from here. end of X

Also folks out there wondering what for, it is this day:

Here we are! DAY 12 ahoy! and it is all of us sending you lots of love AND 'Wonka's Christmas Story.' and if you haven't got your own best printed copy to cuddle up to on Christmas Eve..... what are you waiting for!!!! X
In other even more exciting news the best hairdresser in the known world (sorry to the others.I mean it.x) came round and did a wondrous job with Owner's locks. I LOVE IT Wonka she kept telling me up and I have to say I don't mind this as when Owner is happy it spreads.....we all get extras. X
After what seemed like hours of admiring her new barnet (this is a slang word folks for hair.  I know.x) she sped off to the good Radio Scarborough who are raffling our book, the Christmas Story! YES, she has scribbled something in the front of it and YES she is going back to them next week. I did say, try not to get a parking ticket this time Owner but she was too busy dishing out the fish and chips so I may have whispered it.x).
Now remember folks to say a prayer for Craig's no 10 paddle.  He is the ONLY Judge on Strictly to lose it. End of. Do go on to have a silly billy Satdee full of your best biscuits and overflowing troughs of food!!  Big Love Wonka X