Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Countdown

Good Morning folks!  and Happy First of December to you all - as promised (did I??! x) herewith.....roll on the drums rising to a BIG BANG WALLOP............my very own Christmas Advent!

 There we are! Day 1 is Diva from the #wonkastories - and each day we have a new door and a new little illustration from one of our stories!! Owner was very proud to help me out with this once I had the idea.  yes. x

Here in our neck of the woods, although it is mostly sea and sky with a few trees admittedly, it has continued with the persistent rain. (good word borrowed from Moira Stuart who reads the news and gives us a weather forecast on good Radio 2.  Chris Evans who is running the show each morn has a hangover from the office do and serve him right. end of.x)

Now yesterdee was a full on exciting day and I don't know how many times Owner clicked on amazen I mean zon, the bookshop in the sky to look at our story. A million and one.  And today, IF WE ARE IN Wonka, she tells me up, we can expect a small delivery of the books!!!! This will be followed by a photoshoot so I had better wash my fur and paws and wotnot.  BUT, the camera loves me as you know.  I did say to Owner it's a shame her hair went funny in the rain so best not to take one with her in it, but she didn't hear me above putting out the blue bin in the pouring rain. I love it.

Do go on and have a wonderful first day of December folks whether it is rainy or sunny or what. keep your fur dry and quiver up with the whiskers!  ~big Love Wonka X