Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Eve of the Eve!

Bonjour! Halloah! Howdy folks out there all thinking:


Even Owner is wondering what day it is, mind you that doesn't mean anything! (only joking!x)

Here we are!  And who else but ME, plus my stocking............... X
Yesterdee Owner watched a dvd all the way through to the end.
DID YOU LIKE IT? I says, out of interest and specially as it was snuggling up to my best tea time. NOT REALLY she says back.  it was all about a robot that took over.   OH, I says still maintaining (OOH) interest.  Luckily we have two more dvds and one of them is my bestest fave: Mr Holmes.  second best fave is: Jurassic World. I love a detective and I am partial to a dinosaur. end of.x
Today we are set for the unexpected.  Owner has already taken a call from an agency that is unaware, yes UNAWARE that she is on the scrapheap and couldn't do a hard day's graft if you paid her. BUT she remains optimistic.  THEY ARE NOT TO KNOW, she droned to me, THAT I AM PAST IT.  Well you said it Owner I whispered up from deep in my amazen box.  Someone will want you I says with lots of encouragement...........................surely??X
I could always continue on with my writing and illustrating and such like, she says and personally, as long as ME, and Bertie and Rug have enough biscuits in our trough - I am cuddling up to that idea and giving it my best whiskers!!!
Have a wonderful eve of the eve folks and go steady with your shopping - no impulsive buying! Owner has been warned. Fact.x
Big Love Wonka X