Sunday, 6 December 2015

The First December Sundee

Last Sunday, I gave you my heart.....NO, I mean I do love you lots good folks out there what I meant to sing was, last Sundee was still November and not a hint of Christmas in sight.  Except for dead opposite, our good neighbours who we love very much (they took owner's box of books in for her X), put theirs up early.  It is a giant star in the window and we love it. End of.x

Yes! the new tap is tapping as is should and NO we don't want anything else to snap or break down or NOT OPEN (car with no name is still withholding it's boot.  yes.) Herewith is this one.......

There she is!!  And for Day 6 of our advent it is beloved Diva with her good fairy! and don't forget to find her story, in three parts, on X
In other more exciting news, Owner still has a cracking cold and cough, and Ruggles has taken himself off to the lowly shed.  WHAT, goes Owner, when she finally tracked him down, ARE YOU IN THERE FOR? he was nicely snuggled in the box on the shelf that is meant to provide warm and safe shelter to a STRAY.  Not for you Rugglesis! he looked at Owner as if she was a monster.....(you notice I have held off from a comment OR a joke here as it is slap up to a snack time AND near to Christmas present time.  he won't come home UNLESS Owner puts some real chick under his nose and then he will.x
Today being Sundee there is less to do for me.  More zzzzzzzzzzz a teensy bit of checking on Bertie (growl hiss more growl) and maybe a little look out back to see what's what.  Owner may go swimming or not.  She cannot come down she says to make a decision.  I have searched everywhere for some steps to help with this but found DE RIEN.  Now do go on yourselves to have a near on perfect Sundee.  We will be glued as ever to ALL results shows especially Strictly and our love for #Gleb fom #Russia has reached epic proportions (blimey that word.) Craig (moody judge) gave him and #anita a measly 6 so we DO NOT LIKE HIM even more, but Len (nice judge.  this week.) said he loved it.  We have voted and cast spells and await the result. GLEB FOREVER!!!!
Be good folks, or nearly then, big Love Wonka X