Wednesday, 30 December 2015

There's Nothing On!!

The cry has gone up in this house and many more we think.....
THERE'S NOTHING ON Wonka...................moans Owner 2 seconds after she finally sits down to rake through the good radio times. 
It is a wonder folks that we are all up and present and correct as early as we are.
HOWSO Wonka? you all wish to know.

As you know we have a good alarm to counteract Owner's inability to get up, unaided (except by me.x).  This morning, Owner fell back into a deep sleep after the first BBBBBBRRRRRNNNNNNGGGGGG.
Into a dream all about being late for school and not getting the lift she should have and FULL TO THE BRIM WITH ANXIETY.
It serves you right Owner I whispered up from well behind the bedspread.x

Herewith our good cartoon about the reception of new toys....

There we are!! more toys left to their own devices as Bertie and Rug ignore them just like I did!!! Owner reports she has played with them more, specially Rug's tinkley ball which she kicks into touch every time she goes in the kitchen. I love it.x
Now that we are edging up close to that eve of eves, the telly goes downhill we all know that.  Tonight there is no Aidan to admire, no Gleb whirling away, DE RIEN for Owner to latch onto and I will have my work cut out keeping her out of gloom ridden setting - standard for this time of year folks.  She will insist it is all over and is full of regrets for a good ten minutes until I remind her Corrie is on with another character called Aidan in it.  this folks, will be enough for now.  AND, Chicken Run is on and I do like a bird.x
Me?  thanks for asking. Feeling much brighter since Owner brought me a big tray full of REAL GRASS.  Why? I says up, could this not have happened at Christmas Owner???
IT WASN'T GROWN she tells me.
Bertie know no different, deep in his cavern on a fresh pillycase and now on a proper diet. he is a big fat pudding (sorry Bertie but someone must say it.x) and needs to cut back just like the good vet said ages ago. I MUST BE STRICT droned Owner. yes.x
Ruggles is so ancient he just does what he likes. I had a quick wrestle with my paw under the kitchen door and tried to look at him close up until Owner put a stop to it.  STOP IT Wonka!x
There is not much folks that a nice cup of builders tea won't put right.  Now it might be a grey and wind filled day out there BUT have a sunny-filled day on the inside. Big Love Wonka X