Monday, 4 January 2016

Down Under Mundee!

Owner has had a poor night and NOT just because it is silly old Mundee AND all the bills that would get here if the entire world were flooded are here AND there was a risk of a shout for werk.

THAT POOR DOG IS CRYING Wonka, she says to me at smack on 11 30pm when I was just settling down for a good bout with Bertie or a good stare at him at the least. End of.

It turns out that Owner aka M is investigating a dodgy residence with lots of animals who, she  reports up, are not happy.  Now you know me, seagulls TICK, infact all birds TICK, but dogs??? I mean.  So I had to put up with an all night worrywart and it has continued to this good morn.x

There we are!!  It is Sam from our Duffel stories, and he was as happy as a lark - which is what all dogs should be. X
With Owner on the case I see nothing else but a good result folks, and she is revving up for more investigations. YES, she rang that well known organisation but could not get on with Jack who took her call.  HE TOLD ME TO LET HIM SPEAK ~Wonka she tells me when she had hung up on him.  I did say, I have the same problem sometimes Owner but she didn't hear me above telling me what to do. X (love you Owner. x)
Now what is all this Down Under business you all whisper up to me, it being Mundee morn.  Owner is proud to report, on her sleuthing duties (I have outdone myself and I know it.x) that we have ONE visitor from Aussie land.  Is it your Aunty, the one you don't get on with who lives in Brisbane Owner I says up, helpfully.
I DON'T KNOW she drones back to me smiling.  She is ever hopeful my Owner I will say that.x
We will keep you updated and I would say in the loop but Owner hates that expression so I will say posted instead about said pupster.  Do go on to have a good down under day yourselves, and it will soon be over!!! Big Love Wonka X