Monday, 25 January 2016

Dream Big Mundee

On the subject of dreams folks Owner was seen scribbling down her latest.  ANY GOOD? I questioned up, showing a lot of interest it being smack on breakfast time.
I HOPE THEY COME TRUE she says back, after a brief look in her dreamy book.  folks, so do I.  end of and fact up for today.X

herewith and without further ado:

There he is!! those blobby orange things are Bertie!! just to prove  to the world he has not disappeared at the back of his igloo OR starved to death on his new diet.  Owner reports thus: He IS MORE ALERT since I cut down on his luxury sheba and biscuits. me? thanks for asking, I have been cut down too UN PEU.  (that is my new fave next to DE RIEN.x) xx
Now yesterday it being Sundee Owner did not dwell overlong on questions like (list.) 1.  When is she going to increase her income. 2. surely we are hurtling towards starvedom and what can save us? 3. Is the wishing well doing its job??
Now personally, and you know I am right, I am banking on the wishing well.  I have thrown many a coin in and I trust it 100% BUT if only Owner would help out occasionally - then.....I mean I have written books had them published and wotnot  - who knows, some folks may even be buying them!!! (Owner prays they will.x).x
last night we clung to help or call the midwife and cried throughout.  it was lovely.  Tonight we may cry for different reasons OH NO it is alright Enders is postponed thanks to some footie.  Now Owner has said words to the effect that she must go out and I am all in favour.  I have prepared a long to do list with lots of essential shopping.  since we watched a programme all about how much sugar those pesky manufacturers (breath breath) are shovelling into ALL OUR FOOD Owner will be longer than usual as she will have to read that tiny print on the the packets and tins and jars.  She could be gone for some time and I can zzzzzzzzzzz.  x
Ruggles has enjoyed a brief trot up back and back (5 mins tops) and is far away in his own personal dreamy land on his heated pad. I know.) I am telling you to brush your fur down, and smarten up and get out there folks!! Dream big for Mundee.  Big Love Wonka X