Thursday, 28 January 2016

Fortunate Thursdee!

Owner refused to get up to that snooze alarm and I had to employ all my powers.  JUMP on the bed APPROACH Owner's face ready to dab at mouth with claw.  When this fails REPEAT over and over.  At last, Owner arose.x

What is in store for Owner, now that the entire agency world of werk has dried up.  The radio, that is what.  RADIO? you all perk up and want to know more.  Yes folks, for some reason they want owner to take on an afternoon slot.

ARE THEY HARD PRESSED? is your next rightful question up.  Personally I think they must be but I have of course encouraged Owner to JUST TRY it and see.  it is only a couple of hours I said nicely to her over breakfast, of you muttering and mumbling for a few seconds between the music.  OH YES, she says back feeling nervous.  The good news folks, is that they cannot see Owner, only hear her, so it matters not if her hair looks like a bird's nest (very appealing to me, NOT to Owner.x) or if all her mascara has run down her face in the shrill wind, OR she is soaking wet in the rainstorm that just came out of nowhere.x

To take her mind off that nervous stuff there is this:
There we are!! it is Owner's very best artwork and it is ZEN (just like my AmaZEN box) for good fortune!!  Thank you Wonka! she tells me, and I quote: 'I had forgotten all about that one....'X
Now I dare say you all need a tad of Good fortune yourselves folks all steadying up for your next adventure.  Once I have shoved Owner off out for her radio show this aft, I can relax and meditate OR check on the back yard.  There is a nightly visitor to the shed eating up all the biscuits that may or may not be Blackster (famed for scrapping with Ruggles that time) so I must keep an eye out in case he or she trips traps round in the daytime.  Bertie is coughing for England and Owner may finally do something about it.
I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT Bertie she says this morn.  This means folks, she is revving up to a Vet visit.  And it needs lots of revving up to in terms of nervous reactions (Owner) cost of (Owner) and after effects (Owner.) end of and Fact up for today.X
We managed to get through an evening's telly, ending up laughing our heads off.  Owner insisted on watching Would I Lie to You, the best bits, and I have never seen her laugh so much.  Can they put this on all the time please?  Tonight is no laughing matter we are back to Enders, and will Martin ever smile again?  Not, we think, if he continues with Staycee.  Thingy and Witnee were rolling round the floor scrapping, and thingy's mum and dad are back going WOT is going on!  I know.  In Dickensian, nasty mean and lying Compeyson is already married! and has proposed to Amelia! She is blind to his cheating ways and has accepted. We love it.x
Do have a super, sunny, good fortune day folks, and bask in it all like me!!  Big Love Wonka X