Friday, 22 January 2016

Fridee be here....

We have got to the end of the week without anyone else dying I says to Owner, to spur her on really.
PLENTY OF FOLK have gone to the next room, she tells me up. just because we didn't know them.  it turns out folks, that she spent an entire lesson on the subject of religion yesterdee and there is no stopping her now.  I did say, Owner, NO ONE can talk of this or that other thing or politics - it is best to steer clear (I got this from watching Michael Portillo folks, being taught how to conduct himself over afternoon tea.   there is hardly anything you can talk about without causing trub.  or big trub.  End of.X)

Personally, I worship at the shrine of Bastet that is an Egyptian god I'll have you know, and a cat.  We have a tiny statue of her or him or it, in the kitchen fending off harm.  so far in, it is working and we love it, and folks - she will appear in our next story too!!

There we are folks!! enjoying a good and peaceful start to the day, until the phone goes and it is a shout for werk. X
is Owner still reading that magic book you all want to know and she is.  It is a massive book (Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell) but she is two thirds through. I LOVE THIS book she told me up AND it is battling for bestest book ever with................ the Goldfinch. personally, I veer towards (good use of word) the Goldfinch as it is a bird and I adore them.X
Just because it is Fridee doesn't mean we all down tools and give up. NO.  Owner must brave the persistent rain and go out for essentials.  We are low on my senior biscuits (my preferred nightime snack - bedtime, middle of the night, dawn-ish.X) and Owner may need some food though why, when she is droning on about losing weight I wonder up folks.....Ruggles went out for his early morning watch and returned quickly (which is how Owner knew it would rain.x) and then we spied one of the cats out back - Owner has called it Queenie, trotting over the shed roofs.  The shed, has a strong smell of Blackster in it, but because he is black and travels at night, we did not spy him.
I haven't mentioned Bertie or his kennel cough and I'm not going to, end of and Fact.X
We can all lay back and breath easy. HOW SO? you all question up.  Because Staycee has at last and somehow travelled to hospital and we have high hopes she will stay there, just for Owner's own nerves really folks. tonight we have Corrie X 2 and more Dickensian. this went a bit dark folks, as Owner says to me blimey Wonka, that Compeyson is a Villain beyond Villain and how can Amelia (miss Havisham) be taken in..... Gyp wasn't taken in (her dog) but did she listen up???  I only hope folks that if I take against someone Owner will heed my well meaning advice.
YOU KNOW I WOULD Wonka, she says quickly. (X)
Now do go on to have the Fridee of your dreams folks and we will see you on the other side of this rain soaked day, with dry fur and clean whiskers!! Big Love Wonka X