Saturday, 23 January 2016

Full Moon Satdee

Howdy up folks and have you seen the planetary (gulp) line up yet? we meant to, but Owner slumbered on well past the pre dawn warning for it. YES, I did say to Owner, the night sky looks interesting from where I'm perched on my sideboard, but all I could hear was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, pause and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.X

This is what we might have spied, IF, Owner had made an effort.
IT Will not happen WONKA, she droned to me, ON ONE OF MY TOSS TURN TURN TOSS, change the pillow again, TOSS TURN nights.  End of and Fact. X :

There we are!!! the good planets all lined up and the moon (we think.  do not hold us to this folks) is just out of the good cartoon to the right.  maybe.  Mercury is the smallest planet and rules Owner's star sign of Virgo.  yes.  Jupiter is the largest and rules somebody else.  Also (fact up) this is the planet that could be hiding signs of life. or whatever they call it on Jupiter. X (sorry to all other life-forms out there in space we love you. X)

Owner is quite entranced by space and knows at least one or two things about it.  Not all of them garnered from the Alien films either (our fave films.  next to the godfather which is earthbound.x)

Like? I says to Owner in that new and irritating way.
Erm.........she goes back trying hard to rustle them up.
I know! she shouts up! some of the planets have moons.
YES? And?
There might be a new, ninth planet!!!

And now folks I fear we have exhausted (need a lie down now.x) Owner's knowledge about outer space.  Hold on there is more (quote) :it is infinite, and we are a tiny miniscule spec in it - and instead of enjoying this miraculous chance of life, we seem busy destroying it.  some of us do. the rest of us, like me and you Wonka are busy being creative and fun. (phew.  I thought for a moment folks we needed a hanky BUT she has stopped being philosophical! and gone back to making a shopping list. X)

Now do enjoy your Satdees folks out there all busy gazing at the heavens and thinking what for.  There is plenty to amuse us tonight there is that new comedy programme, the Voice (only joking! and we love Marvin he is an ace presenter and looks the biz.x I haven't mentioned my little Paloma and I'm not going to.  Bertie is rootin for her out of fairness. XX  Rug is solid for Rickee xxxx) then there is beloved Casualtee.  There is also a weep ridden film on Beeb 2 which is War Horse. I CANNOT WATCH IT again, says Owner who just scraped through the first time.

We are in love with Dickensian EVEN though Miss Havisham has gone silly over Compeyson - cannot she see he is evil personified drones Owner.  and Staycee, has screamed and cried her way into a good hospital ward. BIG Sigh of relief from Owner who was in danger of going funny herself over the storyline. I did say to her,I have enough to contend with, with you Owner never mind having to watch it as well, but luckily she didn't hear me above switching it over for Corrie.x

Relax, it is only Satdee morning! time for more zzzzzzzz and plenty of biscuits!  big Love Wonka X