Friday, 29 January 2016


Just how windy is it you all question up, from your hot places, with hardly a breath of air???

VERY.  there have been reports of, and I quote: GUSTS OF UP TO  90 MPH.

So why, you further question up, did Owner decide to take Bertie to the vets on such a gale force with the possibility of rain and or snow, day??  She had run out of excuses folks, to NOT take Bertie for a close inspection at the hands of the good vets.X
There we are!! Once Owner had made the decision ( a lengthy wearing process.X) she was a whirling dervish!  and has continued whirling round ever since. 
I HAD TO LEAVE HIM she says when she blew back in without him.  personally, this will leave a giant gap in my daily routine which includes hourly checks on him in the Narnia. I did remember to ask 
WHY Owner?  it turns out he is massive (we knew that and Owner is full of remorse and guilt.x) despite best efforts to reduce his trough of biscuits.  Even I helped with this, by eating them! the fact that he is massive may have (drum roll) impacted on his health (need to lay down now.X).  he is to have a blood test, and Owner's already racked up nerve is racked up some more.  Me?  taking it steady you know, after all it may be.................DE RIEN!!!!
one thing we do know folks is that it will cost Owner a fortune.  That is certain. End of Fact up, and we don't love it. X
What else is there to say on this wind swept but sunny day?? Owner had a missed call from the good agency and when she rang them back hours and hours later, the only consolation (!) was, 'It wasn't at my fave school Wonka.'  Luckily she didn't ask where it was as who knows folks, it could have been owner's lucky break for the entire year 2016...............X
Last night we clung to Enders which is never far away from hospitals psychiatric if possible, if not ordinary ones, and then police stations OH and husbands being kissed by Witnee.   Fil is sick and dying if he doesn't have a transplant.  I know. Jericho was alright to quote Owner, and 'Would I lie to you' our new fave wasn't on.  Tonight there is Corrie X 2 and that bad Feelan chap is busy being bad BUT not as bad as nasty compeyson in Dickensian! And Amelia has chosen the dress!!! We love it. X
Have a vet free, gale force wind free day to yourselves and look forward to a whiskerful weekend! Big Love Wonka X
PS Owner barely survived her new role as Radio presenter and lost an earring whilst she was failing at it.  I said best not to mention any of it, you cannot win them all Owner. (tea time.x) She said she will give it ONE MORE GO.....x