Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Go Mad Wednesdee

What sort of advice is this Wonka?  you all shout to me, and some of you whisper...... Owner has had to face up to something she didn't want to, AND now she has (yes I had my work cut out for that one folks.x) she is FULL OF IT.

She is strongly advising that everyone else do the same.
FACE UP TO THEIR FEARS Owner? I says helpfully.

YES, she says merrily.  Only by doing that can we move on.... it does mean: (list) 1.  thinking out of the box (I often do this, at least with my tail hanging over the side.x) 2. being a bit mad....(Owner has a head start here! only joking Owner!x) and last but not least
3. Being brave.  I must say Owner is fairly skipping round the house now she has 'gone mad' as she puts it.  Me? thanks for asking, my usual sane approach to the day is in progress.  do a bit, rest a bit, eat a bit and repeat the process. X

For our daily offering we have this:
Haven't we seen that recently Wonka? More than likely folks BUT Owner has insisted on showing it again AS it is Ruggles going mad with a leaf.  And it makes her laugh.  Folks, this is to be prayed for I tell you.  end of and Fact up. X
While you are all off out solving those silly problems that seemed like a mountain top two mins ago, I have to tell you about the real Marigold Hotel.  WE LOVED IT.  Owner has fallen in love with Wayne Sleep all over again and has driven me mad with this question.  WHAT DID WE SEE HIM IN Wonka?  I have raked through all the known progs that we watch and come up with DE RIEN.  I only know that Owner fell in love with him before. it cheered her up no end and I am in love with it too.  who else is wandering the streets of India?  There is lovely Jan Leeming, and that bossy cook and Miriam who is definitely mad.  India is the new retirement home, and Owner is thinking of going. NOT, I says up, without me (oh alright and them too. X)
Tonight we can cuddle up to Corrie and Dickensian - with wicked sisters and nasty Compeyson trying to trap Miss Havisham.  in the meantime, like Owner, I suggest you dress up, face the music and prance!! Big Love Wonka X