Sunday, 31 January 2016

Good Night Sir Tel!

Owner has been in tears.

OH NO! she says, whilst tuning into good radio 2.

what is it Owner I goes up, ever mindful of my need, I mean OUR need for breakfast. (see how caring I am really? eh? EH?)

Sir Tel aka sir Terry Wogan, has joined all the others in the next room Wonka! she says to me.

For all you folk in the world UNAWARE of such a man, he has entertained us folk in this tiny isle for years and years and years.  He made Owner laugh, (we know how important this is.X) he played the right music and found new artists to sing to us (Eva Cassidy was just one of those folks and Owner has wept away to 'somewhere over the rainbow.  I says it should be renamed somewhere over the radio.'X)

I WILL THINK OF TERRY WHEN I HAVE ANOTHER BASH AT IT Wonka..... she means that little local radio folks.  Personally, I think it will take more than that and I remembered not to say that out loud folks!!

There we are!  We love the radio it is never off in this house and even Ruggles loves it so much in the kitchen he sat on it!!  Owner says we must share that too,  WHAT AGAIN? I droned to her....
YES AGAIN Wonka, in honour of Sir Tel.X
There he is! atop the good radio......God bless you Sir Tel. X
It is the last day of January folks and too many musicians, and entertainers, and good folk have wandered into the room next door. Owner is still weeping by the way.  Will it effect my snacks and my teatime you all shout up out of consideration (long but good use of word.x) NOT if I have anything to do with it. YES, Bertie is fine and is chomping up his tablets (Owner cannot under deep investigation ((phew)) recall what they do.....x) hidden in his new pouch food.  And I have tried not to eat his new and rather tasty biscuits - you know from his minute and weensy daily ration.  Ruggles is an angel cat we all know that and is even now deep in slumber atop his heated pad.X
Last night we kept up with the newby panel on the Voice, and wonder of wonders, Owner announced she might like them a bit after all.  WHAT I droned, even my little Paloma?? 
BOY GEORGE calls her 'PALAVA' says Owner.  personally, I prefer our one, but if it makes her smile, then thank goodness I say.
There was one standout artist, we loved him and end of.  NAME Wonka? you all shout up irritated I haven't said.  KEVIN, KEVIN SIMM. Fact up! X
Try and have a day and a half folks out there in the world, best paw forward and furry chin up!  Big Love Wonka X
PS it is call the good midwifey on tonight, so a chance to Owner to weep some more.....X