Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Huggy Tuesdee

Halloah!!! Good Morn and shake a leg!! This is universal for time to get a move on, hurry upski and look lively!!

WHAT FOR Wonka?  you all gasp up out of breath with rushing round.  It is a proper gusty blowy windy day out there, and there is nothing more exciting than blowing along with it!!  NO, Owner does not agree with me AND she is holding off from setting out in it.  We have already observed passers by wrapped up in their rain hoods and macs heavily protected against the (persistent) rain. end of. X

Personally, and alright I am a warm and snug observer from the bay, or the back windows, BUT there is nothing DE RIEN more refreshing than a walk in the rain and wind.  WHAT Wonka, she drones to me (quote) 'Bent double with the wind and rain lashing you from the front, and nowhere to shelter?? YES I says back. (had my breakfast folks....x) It is guaranteed (OH!!) to get you going and thinking straight.

Here is our non windy cartoon for the day folks:
There we are!!  it is a new plant called The Thingy plant as Owner threw all the packaging away with its name on.  I know.  I cannot hug a tree folks, but I really do want to hug that plant, I love it.  Just a tiny huggy nibble that is all.................x
Owner says she loves to hug me, and Bertie and Rug.  YES, hug rhymes with Rug, but I get the first hug, when I leap onto the bed to disturb Owner's dreams. (it was puddings and sweets this morning. I said you have been watching and listening to Mary Berrikins and her pannycotta pudd.X) I don't hug anyone EXCEPT my amazen box I love it. AND the odd plant.X
We managed to cope last night when Enders popped up although Owner thought footie was on. Staycee is safely in her hospital bed (weeping) and now we have Martin to contend with, looking downcast and mis. Ben, who has got Fil for a Dad, is going to be himself.  (I know) and another piece of the jigsaw in Staycee's overflowing life has trotted in as Lilee's Dad. I did say no wonder Martin looks mis, but Owner didn't hear me above shouting at the poor tv.  Tonight there is more and we must hope for a bright patch.x
Now do get smothered up in your macs and hoods and strike off out in it folks!! Huggy up in your scarves and gloves and keep those whiskers bristling.  Big Love Wonka X