Saturday, 9 January 2016

It's back on!

What is back on?  is it the Last Kingdom? NO, is it WolfHall NO
how about Brits Got Bags of Talent NYET!!!

Here it is folks...................

Here we are!!! it is  The Voice!  and YES of course we shall watch it...........even though it has new judges and NOT Tom Jones who knows everyone in showbiz end of.  WHO ARE THE NEWBIES??
One of them, drones Owner to me, is Boy George.  How come I says, choc full of interest, he is but a lad.  HE IS  GROWN MAN she tells me up. OH.  The other is Paloma Faith.  That, I noted, sounds like a small pony. x
Today folks we are recovering from yesterdee when Owner was successful in her mission to save the boot from being eternally closed.  I LOVE THAT NEW GARAGE she tells me up.  And, she only went on the radio again.  Where will it end? I expect when good Radio Scarboro get fed up.  this could be later, sooner, or in the middle. x
Me?  thanks for asking.  Basking nicely in my Zen Box and enjoying the new diet which seems no different from the old one.  Bertie, is getting through his trough of biscuits with ease, and Ruggles is staying in more.  There is no sign of Blackster since the scrap.x
Now we did hear a whisper of a giant lotto prize of £tjkftbldl million.  HAVE YOU GOT A TICKET? I said up.
NOT AS YET she says, but has written herself a note to get one.
if we do win (a tenner) (is it still a tenner) I can look forward to a small treat, I have been warned.Fact.x
HOW'S YOUR LUCK update.  Jupiter is doing us proud so far (that's Russell) as Owner got three yes three shouts for werk. For next week and the week after.  Thankfully we will not starve.x
Now do have the kind of Satdee you always meant to.  With plenty of nice things in it, to make your fur sleek and shiny. Have fun and remember to zzzzzz in between.  Big Love Wonka X