Tuesday, 12 January 2016


After yesterdee which should now be a national remembrance day for David Bowie (says Owner, and I do agree, yes.  Bertie would agree if he knew what was going on but he doesn't.  Ruggles is all for it we think.end of.x) - we are struggling to make simple decisions.

WHAT LIKE? I says to Owner.......she reports a strange night's sleep (I said nothing to that.x) with a dream of trying to scream and whispering instead. OH, I says full of encouragement and such like it being a tiny bit of fur away from snack time.

I cannot decide Wonka, she droned up, whether to cancel my check up at the dentist or not.  The think is folks out there all rushing to make appointments with the local torture chamber I mean Dentist, is that Owner's appt clashes with aged Siblings appt.  And usually, Owner is good enough to go with aged sibling to his.

What about, I chirp up, (like it) putting yourself first Owner?
What at the torture chamber I mean Dentist Wonka?

There it is!! The place Owner hates the most except folks, when she likes the Dentist...........x
It is no sacrifice Owner, for you NOT to go to your appt.
AGREED Wonka. 
And there folks, we might be edging towards a decision. Who knows, she may figure it out before tea time.Fact.x
In other more exciting news, Owner survived an afternoon invigilating in a barely warm classroom (for her) with a small parcel of childer.  DID THEY GET ON WITH IT I asked up, after she had trundled back home moaning about needing cups of builders tea and such like.  THEY USED UP ALL THE TIME Wonka and should pass easily. x
Tonight we can look forward to more Enders, and stacee and babeee are off the roof now. Martin saved them and thingy knows Arthur is thing's son. And I thought Owner would explode when yet another relation of Kat turned up. but she didn't.  In corrie our real fave, Carling black eyebrows went to tell Nick she couldn't marry him but was persuaded it was the best idea since the last one.  Will her casual one night fling with Tracee's ex love come back to haunt.  IS OWNER AFRAID OF THE DENTIST!!x
To learn more about Owner's decision making tune in tomorry folks, and go on to have a best January day so far.  Whiskers a tingle!  Big Love Wonka x