Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lucky Jupiter!!

It has transpired (OOOHH) and according to our beloved and best astrologer Russell Grant...........
YES? you all shout up being wide awake and wanting some starry talk.

That LUCKY JUPITER is doing something in Virgo for 12 months. AND it only happens once every 12 years. Fact. X

How lucky is that!! what with Owner being a fully paid up Virgo person.  HOWCOME I quizzed up, it being touch down for a snack, that you are a Virgo Owner?? I WAS BORN IN SEPTEMBER she goes.  Me? thanks for asking and we don't know that because when I turned up on Owner's doorstep ready to jump into the living room uninvited, we weren't sure. Could be Virgo, might not.x
Where is all this luck then?  List:
1.  Owner parked up in a minute space without hitting the car behind AND in the dark and pouring rain with all cars having to wait and fed up about it. (TICK)
2. Eaten the last bag of Christmas sweets and now there is no more (TICK)
3, Resolved not to drink (minuscule thimble of red vino) eat sweets, or toffee popcorn (TICK)
But here folks is the real lucky story of yesterdee.  make yourself a cup of tea and sit down for this one:
When Owner stumbled back in from that park up of park ups, she found a little postcard on the mat from the good Royal Mail declaring it had tried to deliver a parcel, but failed. BUT YOU WERE OUT, it accused Owner. And it is now settled back down in the sorting office (for you to trudge along and collect,)
Usually folks, this would provoke a full on mood setting of around 6 - 7.  BUT. When Owner scrutinised the card (I know. very proud,x) she saw it was addressed to a mystery person,  and the very same parcel had been delivered before Christmas and taken in by Owner! Then what? I says in that caring and helpful way.
THEN Wonka, I made a huge effort and wrote all over it NOT KNOWN at this address and then trudged to town, to the sorting office and returned it, saying: I HOPE IT WILL NOT BE REDELIVERED to me again. And the nice assistant said not.
Despite all this and Owner droning on blow us down if some poor postie hadn't tried to bring it back!! Is it a boomerang? (hallo Aussie person!!!x) Owner says it might be as it was the right shaped parcel for one.  BUT the lucky thing is, that Owner was out and now the silly old sausage of a boomerang parcel is back at the sorting office! again!!
And Owner couldn't collect it if she wanted to as she is NOT the person it is meant for.  Will it ever find its rightful Owner Owner?
THEY SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Wonka, she tells me back.X
So we think, Russell may be right and that our luck has finally started to dribble through.  Today is another sopping wet and dark day and we must go steady out there.  Well Owner must.  I will be having a few zzzzzzzzzzzz like Bertie and Rug.  They are fast over.
Be brave, and be lucky!! May Jupiter and its two moons (Owner says up the other one is Europa. oh.x) be with you all day. 
Big Love Wonka X  Ps Stacee has gone mad in Enders, and that baby is getting right on Owner's nerve.x