Tuesday, 5 January 2016

No More Shepherd's Pie.!

What? kgtblsytf,zpzcgt!!!!! says you folk out there all surviving on scraps and left overs and make overs and listening to all those annoying adverts (Owner shouts at them.end of and Fact.x) that tell you TELL you what to do with your bits and bobs all standing alone and proud in the fridge.  OR the cupboard OR if you are a million years old (like Owner. only joking!x) the larder.

BUT IN THIS HOUSE..........................
No more searing hot potato and unidentified veg!!!!  It is vanquished. (I know. Ver proud.x)
What now then Wonka?  How so and such like....... now that Owner is well and truly on the scrap heap of 2016 I must try harder to get her up and doing!!! So far, she has answered the three in ten on Popmaster which is an institution here folks run by Ken Bruce on good Radio 2.  I was happily dozing zzzzzzzzzzzz and then I hear her shout up sounding all self important saying she got three hits by Frankie Goes to Hollywood within ten seconds.  I mean.  any fool knows that one............X
The news is all dark and drear like the persistent rain outside folks. We don't like Dave and his party OR free wheeling or voting or that. AND this chappie who has been sacked from nice Jezzer's party sez up (and I quote) happi new year to Jezzer! rightio.x
There is de rien to eat and de rien on the telly PLUS Owner has taken down all the pretty lights. It really is the end folks. What? Oh yes a little update on Owner and the puppy from yesterdee.  Due to her persistent (I have used it once and I like it so.) emailing and visiting and accruing (BLIMEY) facts, although the RSPCA don't think it is a priority (after three emails. yes.x) Owner did prioritise it and the puppy is no longer crying PLUS, there is a good neighbour on the case too.  happy endings. x
Be like Owner, for once, and stay on the case!  and like me, bristle up those whiskers and sharpen a claw for Tuesdee! Big Love Wonka X